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We are looking for new board members to help our organization Break the Spirit of Poverty Through the Dignity of Work!  

Do you find purpose in helping break the spirit of poverty?  Do you have a desire to share your knowledge and experience to help an award-winning nonprofit become even better?  Do you have a call to serve? We are looking … Continue reading

Training Programs & Community Development

Training programs and community development efforts have a bright future at Career Path Services. Over the past couple of years, we have quietly been laying the foundation for a new sector of our organization that could serve all programs, in … Continue reading

Career Path Services – Benton Franklin Team

Meet the Career Path Services team (Pictures on page 3) in Benton-Franklin! The Career Path Services team in the Tri-Cities has served job seekers and businesses at WorkSource Columbia Basin since 2003 and TC Futures since 2019. For this introduction, … Continue reading