Ring The Bell – July 2012

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“Nick Hughes: “Career Jumper” Extraordinaire! Throughout the course of PY11, Nick Hughes worked hard, playing match-maker for his employer customers and job seekers. At the beginning of the program year we threw down the challenge to seek a permanent job FIRST for every Job Connection/Career Jump participant and Nick did not disappoint. By the end of the 2nd quarter, he had enrolled 5 people into on the job training via Career Jump, and added 6 more in the 3rd quarter! At that time, Nick set a goal for himself to begin 20 Career Jumps during the PY, a goal that he achieved by adding NINE additional Career Jump starts in the 4th quarter. Nick has found his role as ‘match-maker’ to be the most fulfilling and energizing aspect of his daily work. The momentum he has built for himself and contributed to the team is evident. A key attribute of Nick’s success has been his willingness to try new methods to reach out to employers. He has also received many of his leads through word-of-mouth references from one satisfied employer customer to another. Rather than waiting for the right candidate, Nick has taken the approach of developing the job first and then seeking a candidate to fill the position, often reaching out to other partner agencies for his next recruit. Your customers and your team are encouraged and motivated by this great work, Nick!”

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