Career Path Services Announces New Branding

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While we have refreshed our brand, we have retained the same dedication to service, community and “Breaking the spirit of poverty through the dignity of work.”

So why rebrand? As we entered our strategic planning process, we took a deep dive into defining our values, identifying our overarching purpose and our branding. As we did this work, we knew it was time for a refresh, to identify an image that encapsulated who we are as an organization.

We convened a group of employees to work with BHW1 Marketing to design a new logo. We worked through an intensive process and several iterations today we are officially launching our new branding. We are excited to share our story…

Our identity is guided by the principles and values we live out. We move into the future remembering who we are, honoring the past while looking to the future. New chapters will be written, new competencies will be gained, but our character and values remain strong. We are united by the employees, clients, and partners whom contribute to our narrative.

Our Logo

Heart (1)– the center of story. The two pieces of the heart show the interconnectivity of the work we do. This is collaborative heart-work with our clients, coworkers and our communities.

Person (2) – the individual connected directly to the heart. We focus on the individual and meet our clients where they are.

Arm of Strength (3) – the empowerment of people. We remain strong for our clients, providing support while they connect to their inner strength.

Pathways (4) – the individuals’ path. Full of twists and turns, we help our clients find their way through the ongoing journey.

Arrow (5) – the upward growth. The story of our clients, the workforce, and our communities continue to move upward and on to new chapters.

Multi-dimensional (6) – the intricate, multi-faceted services. Workforce development, humanservices… our ever-growing story continues to develop.

Our Font

The logo font comes from the sans serif family – its soft edges reflect our abilty to adapt and maintain flexibility. The lowercase presentation exemplifies the humility we display while striving for excellence. We use the following fonts in our logo:

  • Interface Regular (1)
  • Interface Bold (2)
  • Interface Black (3)

Core Values

Our core values breathe life into our logo.

Integrity: Foundations are built on trust. We are authentic, respectful and trustworthy. We embody sincerity and truth, for ourselves and others.

Courage: A display of passion and an internal fire to do heart-work allow us to take smart risks and be the champions for our clients, our communities, and each other.

Generosity: We serve with hospitality, selflessness and kindness. We are big-hearted with our time and talents. We start with serving the customer and work outwards.

Visionary: With an entrepreneurial spirit, we look to the future for growth opportunities and to pioneer new ideas. We are innovative and creative. We adapt and stay nimble.

Leadership: Through humble guidance and supportive development, our clients, partners and communities are the focus the “serve first” mentality with a focus on well-being.

Excellence: We perform at a high level, we think critically and show unity through teamwork.

We are Career Path Services. Your story is our story.

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