Career Path Services Has A LEAP Year In 2014

Posted on by Jerry

blue-ribbonsCareer Path Services and Pierce County Community Connections (PCCC) Career Programs was recently awarded funding to launch a two-year pilot project to connect families experiencing homelessness to employment opportunities.  The Launch into Employment Assistance Program (LEAP) is being funded through Building Changes to provide comprehensive employment placement assistance, job training and job retention services to 240 families in the Pierce County area beginning February 1, 2014.

This program will utilize our transitional jobs model to connect participants to employment enabling them to obtain and sustain stable housing. Jennifer Royer, under the supervision of Diane Giannobile will be working with clients and employers in the Lakewood and Puyallup area.

We are excited for this opportunity to partner with PCCC Career Programs and Building Changes to improve services and outcomes for families experiencing homelessness!  Stay tuned for more details as we launch this program in February 2014.

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