Congratulations, CPSU-4 Graduates!

On June 16, Career Path Services University (CPSU) Cohort 4 culminated their exploration of Career Path Services’ purpose, mission, vision, and values, pandemic style with a virtual Zoom session.

CPSU is a course offered yearly for participants to take a deeper dive into the why of our organization. The four sessions are an interactive, fun, and challenging set of presentations and activities presented by senior leaders and cohort participants. 

Congratulations to this year’s graduates: Mandy Adamson, Reina Boell, Jessie Cardwell, Brenda Cerenzia, Devina Cunningham, Jenell Hughes, AJ Soto, and Paul Van Driel

The best way to share the experience is to hear from some of the participants:

“CPSU allowed me to connect back to the organization, as well as develop new and valuable relationships within other teams. I feel more aware of what is happening within different divisions and know that I can call anyone from my session if I need anything.”

-Jenell Hughes, Job Coach

“CPSU was a great opportunity for me to build relationships with individuals outside of my unit. I also was able to see how we are all on the same ‘path’ in regard to not only serving our participants but each other.” 

-Brenda Cerenzia, Practitioner

“I enjoyed my time in CPSU because we came together from different areas and different contracts. Yes, most of us were based in Spokane but everyone was from a different contract, aside from my ‘security blanket’ Brenda and me. It was interesting how the same values, e.g. bravery and courage, were interpreted in different ways. For instance, I defined bravery/courage as an unarmed Army Private that served in combat as a medic. AJ, my classmate, defined the same value as kind of an inner struggle.”

-Paul Van Driel, Practitioner.

“CPSU was a great opportunity to connect with other Career Path employees across the state that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get to know before. While this is was my first time meeting many of the people in CPSU, I feel like the next time I see them, even if it’s a year from now, would be like running into a good friend”

-Mandy Adamson, Talent Solutions Manager.

“I found a quote with some meaning to my experience in CPSU.  One from my presentation that left an impression with me was, ‘CHANGE YOUR THINKING’. Thank you for the opportunity to grow, as I feel like I have, by being a part of this leadership group. During CPSU, we have experienced several different obstacles. But nothing we couldn’t get through. Having a place where we can talk amongst our peers and share our values has only made us stronger. I will take what I learned here and practice this with others as I’m finding myself and gaining the confidence to speak up; no more hiding in the shadows.  ‘If you want to be successful, you have to jump, there’s no way around it. When you jump, I can assure you that your parachute will not open right away. But if you do not jump, your parachute will never open. If you’re safe, you’ll never soar.’ The Steve Harvey quote encourages me to push myself to jump, even if my chute has not open yet.  I know it will and when it does, what a view I will see, and I won’t be scared anymore.  Thank you!

-AJ Soto, Program Tech.
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