February 2013 Spotlight – Spokane DDD/DVR Team

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This month we bring you Team RHINO, our Spokane DDD DVR Team, in the February Spotlight:

(1) Briefly describe your team in three sentences or less:

Team RHINO has eight people total, including the program manager and we all work together and play together. RHINO stands for Responsibly Helping Individuals Navigate Opportunities. We are a motivated group that shares each other’s strengths and strongly relies on each other to best assist our clients in obtaining positive employment outcomes. We enjoy long walks on the beach in the rain and a glass of expensive red wine with candles.

(2) Please tell us about the communities of people you serve:

All of the individuals we serve are individuals with a disability; however they have varied skills, abilities, education, training, barriers and goals. These individuals come to us through Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Department of Developmental Disabilities, and our main goal is to assist them in obtaining and maintaining paid, competitive, and integrated employment. The individuals we serve have various education and skill levels, some coming to us with Master degree’s and others seeking their first job in an entry-level position.

(3) Share two amazing facts about your team that no one else will know:

1)      On average we drove a total of 506.5 miles per month individually, 3545 miles per month as a team, and over 42539 miles in the last 12 months!

2)      We estimate that as a team we do over 78 applications per week with our clients. These applications can take from 20 minutes to 2+ hours! That’s a lot of time!

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