Back on Track: A Job Seeker Success Story

PictureFidel is a 42 year old single father of two teenagers and a customer of Career Path Services. He was working in demolition and deactivation, making a livable wage before he was laid off in August of 2017. ESD staff referred Fidel to the Benton Franklin team, as he needed assistance to obtain his commercial driver’s license. With a CDL, he’d have more opportunities to find work with a family-supporting wage.

Fidel co-enrolled into Career Path Services’ NDWG and RRIE programs to help cover the cost of his CDL training through funding received from T-Enterprises. While enrolled, Fidel learned job search strategies, found job leads, prepared a resume, practiced interviewing, and received one-on-one job coaching and career guidance.

He then attended the Tri-Cities Connect job fair, where he met a potential employer: Mission Support Alliance. MSA believes in building the workforce from local community members. With their help, Fidel tailored his resume to a Truck Driving position.As result of the training and support he received, Fidel found unsubsidized employment working as a Truck Driver for Mission Support Alliance, working 40 hours per week earning a higher wage now. MSA featured Fidel as one of their success stories in their monthly company magazine.

They celebrated his success in their daily morning huddle to offer recognition for the hard work and dedication he put into his job search. As a result, Fidel has expressed his gratitude to WorkSource for helping him achieve his goals and so quickly. Congratulations Fidel!

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