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The word ‘google’ is the number one with a hundred zeroes behind it, or more familiarly, a leading search engine company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 in Menlo Park, California.  Since that day in September, we have used the word ‘google’ throughout the English language as a verb, noun, adjective, adverb, and much more.


Christina Cain from Google connects with Spokane Falls Community College through the Google Hangout application.

We give rise to a slew of meanings of the word ‘google’ that creators of the large number (or search engine) never intended by adding just a prefix or suffix to the word.

As an organization dedicated to empowering individuals through self-supporting employment,  we can sometimes look to corporations like Google for best practices in how they hire employees that make their company successful.  Mike Helmberger of Career Path Services hosted a Google Hangout meeting at Spokane Falls Community College on October 16th with Christina Cain, a recruiter from the search engine giant.

During her discussion, Christina pointed out a few key tenets of Google’s hiring practices:

  • Keep an up-to-date Linked In account with recent information and professional photographs
  • Google hires 80% of its’ staff from Linked In
  • Google is interested in you as a person (your ‘googliness’), and what sets you apart from others
  • Keep your resume under two pages
  • If you aren’t hired for the position you applied for at Google, you may still be suited to another position there
  • Most positions require a 4-year degree from a traditional (not online) university at a minimum

Student’s agreed that Christina’s insight into Google’s hiring practices was invaluable for those looking for positions at the company.  Mike will be putting on more of these talks later this year, with the next one tentatively scheduled for November 13th with Nike (confirmation and details to follow).


Students look on as Christina shares her advice about Google’s hiring practices


Mike Helmberger of Career Path Services runs the show during the October 16th presentation.


Insider tips from Google’s HR department can put a smile on anyone’s face.


Taking good notes on building a Linked In profile and how to present your resume is an important first step in applying to Google.


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