Job Hunting During the November and December

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bulletin-board-541762_640The time from Thanksgiving through the New Year reminds each of us that there are only twenty four hours in any given day. The truth, however, is that the holiday season speeds up some processes and slows down others. While it may seem like you only have a few days left to find that last perfect gift, you may also wonder why a recruiter or HR Manager hasn’t called you back for an to make you an offer.

Hunting for jobs during the holiday season can be difficult; trying to balance the demands of the holiday with the search for meaningful work is tough. With the focus on the holidays and family, we may be tempted to spend our energy elsewhere. Should you continue you to look for that perfect job during the holiday season? Below are a few reasons why it might be a good idea to keep your resume polished and your phone close:

(1) There is less competition. Many people stop looking for work during the holiday season, whether due to other commitments or the belief that ‘no one hires in December’.

(2) Talking about your job hunting at holiday events can lead to new connections. The topic may come up in conversation, and your willingness to let others know about your experience can net new connections.

(3) Companies often need people to start right after the beginning of the year. A new year can mean new projects and the need for staff to work on those projects.

(4) The holiday season is a good time to re-connect with others and expand your job search network. Social media has provided us with fantastic opportunities to market ourselves, and with the general spirit of goodwill throughout the season, you may find it easier to renew these relationships.

It’s easy to get distracted with the job search process during November and December, but persistence can pay off. While it might be easier to file that resume away and wait for the new year, it may not be as rewarding in the long run.

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