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esther-sasseEsther Sasse is one of our newest employees at Career Path Services. She was generous enough to provide us with a short bio, and we present it below.  Welcome, Esther!

I graduated from EWU with my Bachelors in Human Resource Management. While I was going to school, I worked as a teller at a couple different financial institutions.  After I graduated I continued to work in banking as a personal banker. I have just over 2 years of HR experience. I had the opportunity to work in the HR department for a local Spokane bank. That is when I realized that HR is my passion and more than a piece of paper hanging on the wall. I recently worked in HR for another company that provides services for individuals with disabilities. I learned more not only about HR, but about the endless benefits that come from truly enriching others’ lives.

I was born in Idaho, moved to Texas when I was 10, then moved to Yakima my senior year in high school.  I started college at EWU.  After I started, my parents moved to Las Vegas. I moved there after I graduated, but promptly returned to Spokane, as Vegas was not my cup of tea.  Fine to visit, but I missed the weather, and sense of community that makes Spokane so special.

I am married with 2 girls that are 7 and 4.  I love being outdoors and love sports.  I enjoy playing tennis, basketball and softball.  I LOVE watching football (especially the Seahawks), March Madness, and baseball at the ball park.


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