New Search Feature Added!

Posted on by Jerry

new-search-1In an effort to make our site easier to use, we’ve added a new search feature to! You may have noticed a new search box next to our logo at the top of the page, and if you are curious like me, you probably started typing in it to see what would happen.  If you didn’t, we’ll explain what you might see:

(1) Live Search Feature: As soon as you start typing in a keyword, the search engine begins to display results.  You’ll know immediately if there are any pages, articles, or documents related to your search terms:









(2) Full Search Results Page: If you want to see an entire page of search results, click the link that says “View all search results” at the bottom of the Live Search feature.  You’ll be taken to a page like the one shown below:













It’s that easy! The search box will appear on every page of our site, so you never have to go looking for it. We welcome any and all feedback on this new feature, and hope you find it useful.

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