Ring The Bell – April 2012

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The Benton Franklin WIA team known as “The Fast and The Furious” knows what it takes to get jobs, and they have been busy doing just that.  At that start of the second quarter, they found themselves behind in placements across all programs.  While they needed to wrap up the remainder of their registrations for the program year, they also needed to shift into high gear for job search and placement.  They   re-established a job club; they developed an on-the-job-training marketing workshop;  and industry-specific cohort groups formed.  Most importantly, they made numerous employer contacts.

This team’s work ethic and sheer determination has paid off for their customers.  Since January 2012, they have placed 88 youth, low-income adults, and dislocated workers  into self-sufficient employment. Congratulations Sheila, Letecia, Lisa O., Christine, Rick, Katie, Kayci, Michaela, and Cynthia!  Ring that Bell loudly and proudly!

Placement Highlights:

  • Environmental Scientist- $57.67/hour (DWP)
  • Transportation Manager- $31.26/hour (Adult)
  • Teacher’s Assistant- $12.00/hour (ISY)
  • Medical Secretary- $11.73/hour (OSY)
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