Ring The Bell – August 2013

Posted on by Jerry

Congratulations to James Hughes from Team Rhino for the August 2013 Ring the Bell Award. James shows great creativity and passion in his work with our customers, employers, and co-workers. Ask James to tell you his philosophy on job development some time; you will be glad that you did.

The Spokane DD/DVR Team had 13 job starts on the May/June report, and James was directly linked to 7.  He’s proven that he is a fearless job developer and is not easily dissuaded .

James earned $54,665 in DVR Revenue for PY12, eclipsing his goal by more than $14,000. He holds a 70% successful job placement rate with his DVR clients, who are earning an average wage of $10.32/hr; fifty percent of those placed are receiving benefits.

Additionally, James has provided job leads to our CJ and WIA Teams that resulted in two job placements in those programs. In July, James successfully completed his probationary year of employment. This means that he is now an “official” member of Team Rhino; we are fortunate to have him on our team.


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