Ring the Bell – December 2016

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career-day-rescare-4On November 17, 2016, the Washington State Fairgrounds hosted the Pierce County Career Day. As a volunteer, the Rescare staff welcomed me, with Julia Brooks directing her team. Planning for the event required attention to detail and coordination of multiple agencies and personnel, as attendance at the event exceeded expectations with over 2700 participants. 

I was tasked with public address and registration duty, cross-checking schools to the number and color of backpacks being handed to students. The bags were popular with the students, and let them keep information from each vendor handy. Each pack was color-coded, informing students of their lunch time, staggered so as not to overwhelm the staff and eating area. The bags also contained a survey which acted as the student’s lunch ticket. This strategy will allow the ResCare team to improve outcomes for subsequent Career Days.

ResCare recruited a diverse group of exhibitors from colleges and professions who shared a passion for their industry as they and the students engaged in one-on-one activities. The hands-on activities proved to be very popular: students walked girders, took part in woodworking, learned about alternative energy, used cranes and cherry pickers, and operated jackhammers and fire equipment.

Julia Brooks took what should have been a year-long project and condensed it to four months. From check-in, follow-up with teachers and vendors, a superior level of engagement, and lunch services, her team was engaged in the event at all times. For their outstanding service at this event, Julia Brooks and the ResCare staff are this month’s Ring the Bell nominees.

The ResCare Pierce staff  serves the greater Tacoma area to provide solutions to put people to work.  Co-located with Career Path Services’ staff at the Pierce Job Center, they are one of the 350 for-profit ResCare operations providing workforce solutions throughout the United States. Special thanks to Gary Chambers, Office Manager, at the Pierce Job Center for the nomination and story.

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