Ring The Bell – January 2013

Posted on by Jerry

Ring the bell for Morgan Irwin – she consistently rings the outstanding customer service bell.  Morgan works at our Spokane WorkSource One-Stop location.  Her desk is centrally located; she is in the crosswalk for all customers entering the pathway at WorkSource.   When customers check into the WIA desk, she is always pleasant, compassionate and helpful.  Morgan assists WIA customers and all WorkSource customers needing help with applications, general information, directions, or navigation of the system.   She supports our team every day with her cheerful  “How can I help?” attitude.

WorkSource offers a full schedule of workshops and Morgan’s admin support has enabled us to provide easier and more efficient enrollment processes and an improved level of customer service to workshop attendees.  Her ability to accommodate, even when it isn’t easy or convenient, enhances our flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs.  Thanks, Morgan, for attention and service to our customers – especially the challenging ones.

During Morgan’s career with Career Path Services she has assisted in many projects.  Hired as an Administrative Assistant, Morgan decided she wanted to challenge herself professionally and assumed new responsibilities.  She said, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” And, she did!   In her current position of Administrative Technician, she continues to pursue new challenges and develop her skills.

Morgan is a successful contributor to our life-work balance and appreciation team.  During our busy schedules, she encourages and reminds us of different ways we can say a well-deserved ‘thank you’ to our hard working staff.

Congratulations, Morgan.  Thank you for your “can do” attitude and go-team enthusiasm.

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