Ring The Bell – January 2014

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parker-sheila-2013In January 2014 we are ringing the bell for Sheila Parker, Employment Specialist in our Colville office. Way to go Sheila!

As some of you may know, Sheila rejoined the team after a seven year hiatus.  Sheila was one of the original trio to open the doors of the Colville Office and assemble her desk in October of 1989.

We were thrilled that she rejoined the team when we needed her most.   We were drowning in red ink as we struggled to transition to a new DDA billable hour payment system.  Sheila worked tirelessly to get services out to our customers and (re)establish old and new relationships.

To no one’s surprise Sheila hit the ground running.  When she got directive to provide service hours to the customers at levels much higher than historically provided, she took it to heart and thus began her reign as billable hour queen.   Over her first seven months back, she averaged 132 billable hours per month.  In the current program year, she is averaging 128 per month.  Her monthly goal is 90 hours per month.  Through service hours, she is helping our clients to get and keep their jobs. At 50% into the current program year, she is 90% to her entire annual DVR revenue goal.   Help me in letting Sheila know how glad we are that she is back home.

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