Ring The Bell – June 2012

Sheila Barichello continues to impress, paving the way to performance in Tri Cities. With one month left in the program year, Sheila is not focusing on wrapping up PY11, but rather ramping up for PY12. She is able to do this having already attained her goals in both the Adult and Dislocated Worker programs. Not only has she met her registration and UE placement goals in DW, she is exceeding her placement wage goal at $20.49/hour.

Sheila is an outstanding job developer, having established many crucial relationships with our employer community. She leads the team in OJT development as well, with eleven for the year of her own, not counting relationships she has brokered with employers for her teammates participants. (This is five more than what we have done in all past years combined.)

Additionally, Sheila puts the show, “Extreme Couponing” to shame. Weekly, she shops endlessly to support local and statewide Veterans and various Veteran support groups. One example: Sheila made a recent purchase of over $4000.00 and was paid over $100.00 to walk it out of the store. She has inspired not only her fellow co-workers, but also participants. She works with all of her participants on developing proper budgeting plans and then engages them in couponing. If you ever want to find her on a Wednesday night, check one of our local Wal-Mart’s!

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