Ring The Bell – November 2013

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brad_johnsonHave you ever thought about what you would do if you were on special assignment for 3 years and then returned to your previous/current job? Do you think you might have more than a few policy and procedural revisions to catch up on? What do you suppose would have happened to your relationship with the employers you had counted on for placements? Do you think your applicant pool might have dried up or that your enrollment pipeline might need repair? How long do you think it would take you to get it all put back together and exceed your performance expectations?

This month’s honoree looked straight down the barrel of this situation and didn’t flinch. He dug in, caught up on three years’ worth of process enhancements, restored his employer relationships (and added new ones), rebuilt his pipeline and filled his applicant pool (if you ask him, he will tell you that his satisfied customers keep his applicant pool filled by sending their friends to him), got his goal attainment on track, and still managed to find life/work satisfaction.

He is leading our WIA team in production of Adult, Dislocated Worker and NEG funded On-Job-Training placements, is well on his way to meeting or exceeding Program Year 2013 performance goals, and is conquering the challenge of feeding the seemingly insatiable appetite of our data base monster.  He is our unofficial peer mentor who is relied upon by the entire team for case management and employer development advice.

Brad Johnson, our 24 year veteran, is truly passionate about helping others in both his professional and personal life. Brad has a history of accepting all challenges and delivering rock solid performance. Brad is flexible, dependable, dedicated, the consummate professional, and one heck of a good person. We are all fortunate to have Brad in our lives and on our team.

Please join the Spokane WIA team in congratulating Brad Johnson for his outstanding effort and accomplishments.

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