Round Table With Senator Patty Murray

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image003Heather Mahony and Leticia Torres attended a round table hosted by Senator Patty Murray on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014. Business women and community leaders from the Tri Cities discussed concerns related to women in the Tri Cities. The group discussed the struggle in finding affordable childcare and that the childcare tax credit does little to alleviate this concern. “The tax code needs to be changed to eliminate the tax disadvantages women face when re-entering the workforce” said Senator Murray. They also discussed the high cost of student loans, increasing living expenses, and women not receiving equal pay to men.

“Work needs to be done by the government, private businesses and communities so that women can reach their full potential”, said Murray. The majority of the panel and guests believe successful women should mentor and empower each other so they can reach their full potential. “It was so exciting to be around such powerful and strong women from our community. We can be a strong force when we work together”, said Leticia.

Leticia and Heather took the opportunity to chat with Senator Murray and discussed WIA, WIOA, education, and employment in the Tri Cities. “Senator Murray was welcoming, receptive and funny”, said Leticia. “Safe to say we are ‘besties’ now”, said Heather.

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