Tax Time Help: Publication 17

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tax-468440_640For one reason or another, you may not yet have filed your 2017 tax return. If you plan on doing it yourself, it can be daunting if you have little experience filing, or happen to have a complicated return this year.

While there are numerous filing services out there, such as TurboTax and H&R Block, you might be a do-it-yourselfer or someone who wants a little more information before deciding to pay someone to complete your tax return. Fortunately, the IRS provide a document known as Publication 17, a comprehensive guide to the rules governing your tax return.

This publication covers the rules for filing a federal income tax return, and supplements information found in the tax booklet you get every year. While not light reading, it does explain the tax laws to help ensure you get the maximum amount of money back each year (or pay as little as possible).

For our customers who are expecting a return this year, this publication can help you find out what you’re eligible for, and will even guide you to asking the best questions of your tax preparer should you choose that method of filing.

View Publication 17 Online | Download Publication 17 (PDF) | Download the eBook

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