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iStock_000021963294XXXLargeRemember the game at the fair where you try to throw the softball in the wicker basket, and it always bounces out? It’s not you; the game is rigged.  However, in this month’s tech tips, we’ve got something for you to boost your ego and wipe away those memories of never being able to take home that five foot tall stuffed panda.  If you were one of those rare birds who managed to beat the carnies at their own game, you may want to take a look at our tech tips for this month all the same.

It’s quiz time!  We’ve got a basic quiz to test your knowledge on all things technical.  This is the easy version of the quiz. How will you fare?  We won’t keep you waiting – all the answers will be at the bottom of the test, unlike your fifth grade math quizzes.

(1) What is the name of the flashing symbol on the computer screen that shows where the information you enter will appear?

(a) Mouse

(b) Cursor

(c) Pointer

(d) Circuit

(e) None of the above

(2) What do you call a computer program (Excel, Word, etc) that is separate from your operating system and does a specific task?

(a) Firmware

(b) Hardware

(c) Software

(d) Houseware

(e) None of the above

(3) What part of your computer performs the necessary calculations to run your operating system and software?

(a) Processor

(b) Memory

(c) Hard drive

(d) Hamster on a wheel

(e) None of the above

(4) What is one of the PRIMARY ways to store information on your computer?

(a) Keyboard

(b) Hard drive

(c) Floppy disk

(d) Cassette tape

(e) Sticky notes

(5) Which of the following is NOT a portable form of data storage?

(a) USB flash drive

(b) SD card

(c) CD

(d) A bucket

(e) DVD

(6) Which of the following is NOT a device for entering data into your computer?

(a) Mouse

(b) Keyboard

(c) Hatchet

(d) Microphone

(e) Light pen

(7) What electronic component allowed the widespread use of radios in the early 20th century?

(a) Microprocessors

(b) Quantum entanglement proton beam splitters

(c) The iPod

(d) Vacuum tubes

(e) Digital watches

(8) What are two types of common electronic communications in the 21st century?

(a) Text messages and email

(b) Morse code and telegraph

(c) Phone and Pony Express

(d) Telegram and Instagram

(e) None of the above

(9) Which of the following is NOT a social media web site?

(a) Facebook

(b) Tumblr

(c) Twitter

(d) Reddit

(e) Flutter

(10) True or false: computers were invented in the 1970s.

See below for answers


Answers – Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer. 8 – 10 correct? Great job – you’re ready for next month’s quiz! / 5-7 right? Not bad, but there is room for improvement. / 2-4 right? It’s never too late to start learning. / < 2 right? There is much work to be done.  Start here: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/computers

  • 1 – b
  • 2 – c
  • 3 – a
  • 4 – b
  • 5 – d
  • 6 – c
  • 7 – d
  • 8 – a
  • 9 – e
  • 10 – False – the earliest programmable electronic”computer” was finished in 1945 and used extensively in the design of the hydrogen bomb.
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