The High Cost of Being Poor in the U.S.

people-852428_640Whether due to circumstance or unfair practices, the highest cost of living in the United States is not born by the wealthiest, but those with the fewest resources. Poor access to food, medical care, transportation, and housing lead to hosts of other issues that compound upon each other. Without the money needed to obtain the goods and services, poor families spend tremendous amounts of human capital just trying to survive.

In the Coalition on Human Needs report The High Cost of Being Poor in the U.S., they look at the challenges over 40 million adults and children in poverty face every day:

“59 percent of U.S. households with annual incomes below $20,000 spend more than half of their income on rent alone – and child care accounts for another exorbitant expense.

Anti-poverty programs help many. Programs such as low-income refundable tax credits, SNAP, free or reduced-price school lunch and child care subsidies have helped lift tens of millions of Americans out of poverty.

But many anti-poverty programs don’t reach many who are eligible and other programs would do more good if their benefits were higher or if more people were eligible.”

To read the full report, please visit their site using the links above.


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