What’s new with our Pierce County Commerce Team?

Our Pierce County Commerce Team was busy in August!  Here are a few of the highlights from their newsletter:

A9R1vc3ji4_sdapqa_rqsThe Next Steps Initiatives PY17 Grant Project produced some great results:

(1) In the Puyallup CSO, Career Path offered a three session course, focusing on educating participants about what it takes to be a responsible renter. Each attendee completed an online course and received a “Responsible Renters” certificate, which they can provide to future landlords to demonstrate their knowledge. The course also featured guest speakers from local housing programs who shared information and tips. Those who took advantage of this new program stated that they were able to learn more about what it takes to be a responsible renter, and see things more from a landlord’s perspective. One participant expressed success in using their certificate to build more rapport with a potential landlord.

(2) In the Lakewood CSO, Career Path Services offered a new initiative to assist participants in learning about mid-level careers. Participants toured several local employers including Carlisle Construction Materials, Tacoma Community College, and Just Like Home Childcare. Seventeen unique individuals attended tours; many attended more than one tour, and 7 applied with featured employers. One participant has started permanent employment! One of the biggest successes of this project was the partnership between Career Path, ESD and DSHS to provide Lakewood clients with this unique opportunity.

Possibilities in Pierce County

BankWork$ is an industry-supported training program that prepares participants for careers in financial services. It provides eight weeks of intensive training positions as bank tellers, customer service representatives, and personal bankers. The program will also offer pre-employment training such as job interview practice, resume writing, and job placement assistance. Ongoing coaching and mentoring will be available for those who find employment and wish to advance in their careers.

Classes for BankWork$ begin on September 10th. If you’re interested, please contact the Pierce County Commerce Team at 253-284-8830.

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