Why I Do What I Do – October 2014

Posted on by Jerry

tina-wallenIt started with I need a better job. I needed a way to support myself and put 3 kids through college on my own. It quickly turned to …. WOW! This is the BEST organization I have ever worked for.  They don’t just pretend to care, they actually do!

Why I Do What I Do:

  1. I have the honor to work for an organization of believers in humanity that never give up. They are my motivation every day!
  2. I experienced that philosophy when they believed in me by giving me a new opportunity to learn and grow within the organization. Everyone has been patient and understanding and as I’ve deciphered, struggled, stressed and attempted to understand and correct numerous data system issues.
  3. I have never experienced an organization that is entirely comprised of individuals with the same passion for the work they do, people they serve and appreciation for their fellow Career Path family members. Each person understands and appreciates the importance of the others around them.
  4. Like each and every person who works at Career Path Services, I also have a calling to serve. This service comes in many forms. I chose to serve behind the scenes (the person behind the curtain, as Kurt calls me). I choose to serve my clients, my Career Path family, those who work behind the curtain in Admin, and those who are in the field every day helping our clients discover their potential.   I cannot express enough how appreciative I am for the opportunity to be part of this great organization and to everyone for believing in me, our clients, and our communities.
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