Why I Do What I Do

When I was a child, my greatest love and passion were horses. My dad shared that same passion with me. When I was 12, he bought me my first pony, Bingo.  Over the next 30 years, I raised many horses:  I trained them, bonded with them, and my greatest joy was watching their progress.


Patti Delbuono, Employment Associate

During these years, I would also teach the neighborhood kids to ride. Every day after school and on the weekends, kids would knock on our door in hopes I would share my experience with them.  It was fun for me, and also fulfilling in a way that is hard to explain. Much of my enjoyment came from the brightness in their eyes and their smiles, which were always  plastered across their faces.  Watching a person gain confidence, overcome their fears, and master self-worth brought about a startling realization to me.

I love to teach and mentor people.

During the majority of my life, I worked in the sales industry. I was good at it, and I loved it most days. It wasn’t completely fulfilling though, and I didn’t really know why.   I eventually rediscovered why, over 40 years later, teaching and mentoring job seekers as a Career Path Services Employment Associate.  It was just like the good ‘ole days when I was 12, when I trained horses, taught kids to ride, and watched them grow. They would learn to like themselves, gain confidence, and feel like they mattered.   I should thank my dad:  if it wasn’t for my first pony, I’m not sure I would have found such joy watching others blossom, grow, and become excited about their lives.

My greatest joy working at Career Path Services is watching our participants learn to like themselves once again.   When they begin to excel in areas of their lives, they not only elevate themselves, but also make a positive impact on their children and those around them.

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