Our Numbers By the Year: 2018-2019

Our annual report is a snapshot in time, which captures moments in our 48
year story. We have the privilege of being invited into the story of those we
serve. This year's annual report highlights those moments, sharing the
experiences with our customers, both service seekers and employees.

I am more than proud of our staff who are ambassadors of hope, bringing
dignity to their work, by helping others on their journey. We help create
access, opportunity, and a pathway to economic opportunity.

These stories are only possible through the strength of our community
partnerships. None of us can do this alone. We thank our partners for
their dedication and comthmeiitrmrsehnipt to our collective work.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and employees, thank you for joining us in this fight and for sharing a moment with us. Enjoy the report and let us know what you think.

With gratitude,
- Cami Eakins, CEO

Our Service Areas















Financial Responsibility

We understand the importance of maintaining a transparent financial record to our fund sources and the general public.  As a non-profit organization funded primarily by grants, we recognize the right of individuals to know how our fund are allocated and what means we use to generate more funds.  Below we present our audited financial reports:

How We're Doing

Financial records aren't the only measure of our success,  Below is a link to the annual reports we present to our Board Members:

Who We Have Served:

  • Manpower Act (1971-1974) - 3200
  • CETA (1974-1983) - 15,000 
  • JTPA (1983-2000) - 39,600 
  • WIOA (2000-Present) - 32,353 
  • Dept. of Commerce (1998-Present) - 25,260
  • Division of Voc Rehab (1989-2016) - 4,370
  • Division of Disabilities (1988-2016) - 250 (Annually)
  • GRS - 17,250 (Annually)